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40 Phan Đình Phùng - Đồng Hới - Quảng Bình
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Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Quang Binh Tour – Satisfy all your needs

Travel is the precious time to relax as well as explore new and beautiful places. Quang Binh Go Travel hopes that we will be your trustful address; accompany you on your journey; and satisfy all your needs. In Quang Binh Go Travel, besides the tours with the available journey; the tourists can create their journey, and we will satisfy all of your requirements. Your desires will be realized by our team.

You just need to say the request for the trip. Pleasing customers is our responsibility!


– MICE tour: Quang Binh Go Travel will make plans to pick you up; design a tour that is suitable for your schedule; aim to create a great business trip that combines with travelling; and relaxing.

– Medical travel: To satisfy tourisms’ requirements when they want to combine travel and medical treatment; Quang Binh Go Travel are always pleased to accompany the tourisms.

– Familiarisation trip: These tours are designed for the tourists who want to explore the beauty of Quang Binh as well as visit their relatives or friends living in Quang Binh.

– DMZ tours: These tours give the tourists opportunities to back to the war sites; visit Demilitarized Zone in the central of Vietnam.

– Trips for the family with kids: There are many tours that are designed for family with kids. With the exciting places and activities friendly with kids; we believe that you will be satisfied.

– Trips for couples: These tours create a romantic atmosphere for couples. You will have an opportunity to explore the beautiful and peaceful scenes together or have dinner with the light of candles.

– Leisure Travel: Quang Binh Go Travel will design the tours that is based on your requirements.

– Teambuilding, and events: With a professional, dedicated and enthusiastic team, we believe that you will be satisfied.

Besides that, we also satisfy other needs about accommodation, food, destinations, and so on.

Please send us your requirements; we will design the tours that are suitable for you.

The best tours in Quang Binh – Quang Binh Go Travel – Enjoy wherever you go

Contact: 📲 +84 909 288 979 MS HƯƠNG

* Support booking services for customers: Air ticket booking, train ticket, bus ticket … absolutely 0 fees, reasonable prices

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