– MICE tour: Quang Binh Go Travel will make plans to pick you up; design a tour that is suitable for your schedule; aim to create a great business trip that combines with travelling; and relaxing.

– Medical travel: To satisfy tourisms’ requirements when they want to combine travel and medical treatment; Quang Binh Go Travel are always pleased to accompany the tourisms.

– Familiarisation trip: These tours are designed for the tourists who want to explore the beauty of Quang Binh as well as visit their relatives or friends living in Quang Binh.

– DMZ tours: These tours give the tourists opportunities to back to the war sites; visit Demilitarized Zone in the central of Vietnam.

– Trips for the family with kids: There are many tours that are designed for family with kids. With the exciting places and activities friendly with kids; we believe that you will be satisfied.

– Trips for couples: These tours create a romantic atmosphere for couples. You will have an opportunity to explore the beautiful and peaceful scenes together or have dinner with the light of candles.

– Leisure Travel: Quang Binh Go Travel will design the tours that is based on your requirements.

– Teambuilding, and events: With a professional, dedicated and enthusiastic team, we believe that you will be satisfied.

Besides that, we also satisfy other needs about accommodation, food, destinations, and so on.

Please send us your requirements; we will design the tours that are suitable for you.

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