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Thời gian: 1 Day & 1 Night

Paradise Cave, Dark Cave – Chay River, Package Tour 1 Day 1 Night

With Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Quang Binh Packege Tour 1 day 1 night, tourists have an opportunity to explore Paradise Cave – Chay River – Dark Cave. You can take part in group tours or private tours. This tour departs at 8.00 a.m. Tourists will discover attractive destinations in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park that are endowed with heavenly beauty. These are the most beautiful caves of this land where is frequently dubbed as the “Kingdom of Caves”. In addition, you also have an amazing experience when sailing along Chay River, feel the flow of calm, romantic with the blue water color as jade or take part in the games or the mud bath and immerse yourself in peaceful nature. Our tours are chosen by most of the young tourists by top quality and best price.

⛳ About the destinations:

  • * Paradise Cave:

Impressed by the beautiful and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites inside this cave, the British cave explorers named it Paradise Cave. This cave is 31,4km long; its height can reach to 7m; and 30 – 150m wide. According to the cave explorers, it is the longest dry cave in Asia. In June 2011, Paradise cave had established 3 records in the Vietnam Guinness Book of Records (Vietbooks), included

– The longest cave in Vietnam

– The cave has the most magnificent stalactites in Vietnam.

– The longest wooden bridge in Vietnam.

It can be said that Paradise Cave is the most beautiful wonder of the Creator on earth, an underground palace in the heart of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park world natural heritage.

  • * Chay River – Dark Cave:

Chay River is one of the tributaries of Son River, originating from Chay Waterfall. The name is Chay Waterfall is because of the waterfall sounds like pestering rice. Sailing along Chay River, you will have opportunity to feel the flow of calm, romantic with the blue water color as jade, the two sides are the corn fields stretching to create a painting of aquatic animals.

Dark Cave was discovered in 1990. It is often called “The small version of Son Dong Cave”. With a very strange beauty, the cave is home to many lakes, a water temperature of about 18 degrees. Inside the cave there are many great things to see and enjoy! You will also have a great experience with the mud bath and immerse yourself in peaceful nature.

♦ Tour price list reference: 1USD ≈ 22.000 VNĐ

TOUR PRICE: *** vnđ/1 adult


Number of adults
2 → 5 6 → 14 15 → 27 28 → +
Homestay 2.100.000 1.550.000 1.400.000 1.350.000
2 Star hotel 2.150.000 1.600.000 1.450.000 1.400.000
3 Star hotel 2.200.000 1.650.000 1.500.000 1.450.000
4 Star hotel 2.350.000 1.800.000 1.650.000 1.600.000
5 Star hotel 2.450.000 1.900.000 1.750.000 1.700.000
  • * Note: The red tour price is the representative tour price.

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