The best budget travel destinations in Quang Binh

It is really happy to travel to the destinations that are not only cheap but also interesting. In this article, Quang Binh Go will present you some places like that in Quang Binh.

Quang Phu sand dune:

This is a not – to – be – missed place when visiting Quang Binh. The sand dunes stretch to the beach and change the shape every day. Quang Phu sand dune is emerging as one of the most beautiful sand dunes in the Central of Vietnam.

Da Nhay Beach:

Da Nhay (jumping rock) is a clean, white-sand beach with rocky mountains, stone pillars in various sizes and numerous particularly interesting shapes, such as toads, lying buffalo, kneeling tigers, and prostrating elephants. You will enjoy with the spectacular scenery of Da Nhay.

Bang Mineral Hot Spring:

It is a source of hot water rising up from the foot of the mountain with the temperature of water up to 105°C with the rare trace elements.

This destination is an attractive place in Quang Binh.

Botanic Garden – Wind Waterfall:

Botanic Garden is in 20 Quyet Thang road, covers an area of 41.8ha in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. In July 2014, this garden was recornised as a destination for ecotourism. This is one of the most attractive destinations in Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park.

When travelling this garden, tourists will spend time on exploring interesting places, such as a prototype exhibition house, paths, Wind Waterfall, Vang Anh Lake, and so on. Actually, this will be a great journey.

Mooc Stream – a fairyland:

It is a source of clean water rising up from the foot of the mountain, flowing to Chay river, creating 90m2 large. The stream winds around a dense limestone forest. In summer, the water is about 16 -18°C. The stream includes many smaller currents of water separated by giant moss covered rocks, creates the poetic landscapes. Mooc Stream is a great option to discover the wildlife, relax and wallow in the cool water.

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