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Quang Binh is currently an attractive tourist destination; an ideal destination; and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. So what is this land so attractive about? For visitors to learn more about Quang Binh; Quang Binh Go would like to introduce the beauty of the land here.

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The landscape is diverse and beautiful

When travelling to Quang Binh province; the tourists have got the opportunities to enjoy gifts from the Gods – charming landscape of mountain, and sea.

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Quang Binh is famous for Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It was recognised by the United Nations Educational; Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as a world heritage site in 2003 and 2015. This Park formed 400 million years ago; owns the oldest and largest tropical karst mountains in the world with the diversity of geology, topography, and geomorphology

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In December 2017, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was recognized as one of the most attractive destinations in Viet Nam by Lonely Plannet.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park includes more 300 caves; such as Phong Nha cave; Tien Son cave; Son Doong cave; Paradise cave; Tu Lan cave; and so on.

When visiting Phong Nha National Park, the tourist should not miss the opportunity to discover Mooc stream – a fairyland.

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It is a source of clean water rising up from the foot of the mountain, flowing to Chay river, creating 90m2 large. The stream winds around a dense limestone forest. In summer, the water is about 16 -18°C. The stream includes many smaller currents of water separated by giant moss covered rocks, creates the poetic landscapes. Mooc Stream is a great option to discover the wildlife, relax and wallow in the cool water.

Chay River – Dark Cave is also the great destination. Chay River is one of the tributaries of Son River, originating from Chay Waterfall. The name is Chay Waterfall is because of the waterfall sounds like pestering rice. Sailing along Chay River, you will have opportunity to feel the flow of calm, romantic with the blue water color as jade, the two sides are the corn fields stretching to create a painting of aquatic animals.

Dark Cave was discovered in 1990. It is often called “The small version of Son Dong Cave”. With a very strange beauty, the cave is home to many lakes, a water temperature of about 18 degrees. Inside the cave there are many great things to see and enjoy! You will also have a great experience with the mud bath and immerse yourself in peaceful nature.

Besides that, Quang Binh has got the other famous destinations, such as En cave, Bang Mineral Hot Spring, Da Nhay beach, Nhat Le beach, Bao Ninh sand dunes and so on.

Fresh air and peaceful place

Coming to Quang Binh, the tourists will feel fresh air and peace in the countryside. The poetic landscape with wild fields, flock of storks or buffaloes will make the tourists interested.

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Local people are gentle, hospitable and friendly

Quang Binh is in the center of Vietnam. It is known as a harsh land with many storms every year. However, this does not make the local people fall. Otherwise, the people are always optimistic, friendly and hospitable.

Local Food

Quang Binh famous for the sea food, such as Lobster, Steamed squid, Boiled clams, Steamed crabs,Grilled scallops with onions, Fish hotpot and so on. If you have opportunity to go to Quang Ninh District, don’t miss Oyster porridge. Oyster here is so fresh and delicious.

Besides sea food, the dishes made from local ingredients are great, such as bot loc cake, banh beo, banh nam, chao canh, banh khoai and so on.

Experience the great services in standard hotels or resorts

There are many home stays, hotels or resorts with good services for the tourists to choose. Home stays or farm stays near Phong Nha National Park are nice.

Visiting Quang Binh, the tourists will have opportunity to immerse yourself in peaceful nature.

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