Pick up from your stay (train station, airport, bus stop, hotel… – located within Dong Hoi City, Phong Nha, Cu Nam or Hoan Lao) and depart for Phong Nha – Ke Bang.


Arrive in Paradise cave. Tourist will be taken by golf cart (1.6km) from the main gate through the jungle, then climb to the mouth of the cave. You will have an opportunity to see the wonderful natural landscape with ecosystem diversity. Trekking in the forest, looking at the high blue sky was an excellent experience.

At the mouth of the cave, tourists relax and prepare to explore the cave.


Discovering first 1 km following the wooden bridge. Tourists seem to get lost in the fairy tale place on Earth with an extremely breathtaking beauty. You will understand why it has that beautiful name. This cave is located in Phong Nha – Ke bang National Park’s core zone, considered as the longest dry cave in Asia. According to the experts, the cave owns magnificent and magical structure. It is one of the most fanciful wonders over the world

10.00- 12.00:

Following the experienced and enthusiastic tour guides, tourists depart for the trip to discover Paradise Cave 7000m with helmets and lights.

This cave is tube – shape, the width from 30m to 100m, up to 120m at its widest point; the height from the bottom up to the ceiling at about 80m. In addition, tourists will be excited with stalactites that are like sparkling diamonds or the system of stalagmites and stalactites that retain a shimmering, fanciful beauty beyond the imagination of human. You also have opportunity to explore the life of many species such as fish, spiders, crickets and so on. Arrive in Bat Cave; along first 3,5km tourists can see hundreds of bats on the cave ceiling. From Bat Cave about 200m, there is a fork of 2 dry streams where is windy and cool. Stopping at the first 4000m, you relax, take photo or see the beautiful sight of nature.

After that, the tourists kayak on the stream, check out the cave. This will be an interesting experience. The cave ceiling is so low, you even have to bow down at the lowest places to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling.

The trip is continued with the steep path and the rugged slopes along the dry stream. About 1 hour later, tourists come to “Giếng trời” where dubbed as “the Intersection of Earth and Sky”.



Have lunch beside the stream.



You can release yourself in to the water, take a rest, take photos or explore the ecosystem along the stream, then prepare the luggage to come back.


Leave Paradise Cave, come back to Dong Hoi


Arrive in Dong Hoi city. Drop you off at your accommodation.

Say goodbye and see you again!

Tour price: 2.100.000 VNĐ/adult

Contact: ☎ +84 909 288 979 MS HƯƠNG
* For groups of 5 adults or more please contact Ms Hương ☎ 0909 288 979 for best pricing!
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